Curtain Rails

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Curtain rails directly influences your curtain movement. Easy of movement can be achieved with the correct choice of rail. The weight of the curtain fabric also affects the curtain rails option. There are many light - heavy weight curtain rails available. Curtain rails that bend: Rail can be bent and installed to fit any wall. 

Motorized rails are easy to operate from a handheld remote control or mounted wall switch. Our flexible motor designs meet the needs for many electric motorized curtains control applications. Motors comes in various sizes and technology options. Whether you have a hard to reach window, or just feel like being lazy, motorized lift is a great option for almost any type of window treatment.

Add motorization to improve the security and child safety in your home, or simply add this feature to show off to friends!

Curtain Rails

Racer rails are very popular and helps with easy of curtain movement. You can get single or double racer rails. Wall fix or ceiling fix. The standard colour is white. Racer rails can comes in other colours too. Rails can be fitted with a pulley. The pulley is a cord system to pull the curtains in a certain direction. Racer rails can be fitted with a rod to cover the rail. See our rods. 

[Top 10 Rails Features]  

  1. Comprehensive range of rail manufacturers
  2. Racer single & double curtain rails
  3. Somfy curtain rails
  4. Swift curtain rails
  5. Curtain rails motorization
  6. Curtain rails bend to fit any wall shape
  7. Professional advice and service
  8. Quick turnaround time
  9. Simple, straightforward curtain track quotes
  10. Professional curtain rails installations




I approached Anita from Lighthouse Interiors to do window treatments in our new home. Not only was she able to advise on the most appropriate fabric from a multitude of samples but she was able to do all the installations as well. This was a great relief. She provided a PROFESSIONAL SERVICE which was quick with very pleasing results.

One exceptional gift Anita has, is her ability to identify your taste and preferences, which helped in minimizing the options in getting to the right window solution. As the installations progressed I trusted her in sourcing the finishes and was never disappointed. It was a PLEASURE working with Anita and Lighthouse Interiors. 

Prof Elizabeth Kempen
HEAD:  College Office for Research and Graduate Studies
Unisa, Florida campus